SINCHI is a quechua term, that means wiseman plant connoisseur.

Amazonian Scientific Research Institute SINCHI​

We are an Institution created by Law 99 of 1993, at the National Level, with jurisdiction over the territory of the Colombian Amazon, dedicated to scientific research on environmental issues, linked to the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

We perform scientific authority functions through the development and execution of research projects, involving diversity, sustainable productive alternatives for the improvement of the quality of life, studies on the processes and dynamics of occupation as well as the generation of georeferenced information of the region.

SINCHI Institute in the Amazon

The Colombian Amazon covers an area of ​​483,164 km2, representing 42.3 % of the national continental territory (23.3% of Colombia total), and 6.8% of all the great Amazonia. It is distributed throughout the departments of Amazonas, Caqueta, Guaviare, Guainia, Putumayo and Vaupes; the departments of: Nariño, Cauca, Meta and Vichada in part have territory in the Amazonia. This region characterized by superlatives, related to its biological, cultural, economic, social and environmental diversity, is a challenge for research in search of its sustainability.