The SINCHI Amazonian Scientific Research Institute provides the following services:

Documentation Center

Specialized in issues related to the Amazon region (socio-economic, environmental, historical, etc.), which makes it in the information unit with the largest number of specialized topics related to the Colombian Amazon region.

You can consult the more than 12,000 records of documents systematized in the KOHA library management software, which include the general collection, institutional memory, magazine articles and the collection of press clippings. In addition to this, it has 70 magazine journals/magazines.

It is open to the public without any restrictions from Monday to Friday during the Institute's operating hours. Those who visit it can consult the database and consult the documents in the area designated for that purpose. In addition, there are interlibrary loan agreements with university libraries and documentation centers of other entities of interest to the Institute.

Colombian Amazon Region Herbarium

It is the most complete collection of Colombian Amazon region plants in the world. You can consult the virtual herbarium online.

Complaints and Claims

You can send us your questions by email to [email protected]

You will receive a response to your inquiry within fifteen (15) days after receipt of this email.