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Privacy Policy

The SINCHI Institute assumes the commitment to protect the privacy of the user. Our Privacy Policy applies to all pages of our website, and, on the contrary, does not apply to the websites of other entities or organizations.

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Terms of use


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Permited Uses 

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Disclaimer of liability

The user assumes full responsibility for the use made of the SINCHI Amazonian Scientific Research Institute´s website. Under no circumstances, the Institute will assume any responsibility for direct or indirect losses, claims, obligations or damages of any kind, resulting in any way by:

  • Any error or omission of the website or the use of any of the services and contents established on the website.
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  • The use carried out by the user of the website.
  • Links to other websites that appear on our page.
  • Any delay or defect in performance that is beyond the control of the SINCHI Institute.

Exclusion of Liability regarding Legal Advice

The information contained on the website or made available through it, does not pretend to nor constitute, under any circumstances, any kind of advice or recommendations of a legal nature.

Contact Information

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