Program Description: 

This program has its framework of action in the processes of inadequate intervention in the Amazon region that impact the ecosystem and its sustainability.

It promotes productive alternatives that allow for the reconversion of these processes through the characterization of productive systems, their dynamics and the valuation of innovative alternatives that fit the requirements of both the systems as well as the settlers, within the framework of the new technological challenges.

Through innovation and transfer of technology, it promotes the recovery of traditional practices and recognition of indigenous communities' know-how, the creation of designations of origin for their products and the strengthening of productive chains that promote their sovereignty and food safety; It also incorporates the review and characterization of the agro-productive systems imposed from the population settlement processes, as well as the validation and valorization of the appropriate agroforestry alternatives.

It promotes innovation in the production systems of the Amazon, the generation of state-of-the-art technologies for the study, characterization and use of cultivated and forest species that will impact the country's new production chains, such as agro-food, cosmetics and nutraceutical.

Institutional Strategic Objective:

Develop sustainable productive alternatives, which lead to generate processes of innovation and technology transfer to improve living conditions and reconvert inadequate intervention processes.