The Communications Office of the SINCHI Institute is responsible for implementing the Communications Policy of the entity, with an emphasis on scientific and technological communication, under the direct coordination of the General Directorate.

In order to enable the implementation of this policy, three communication processes have been established, which frame the actions of the Institute in this area:

Dissemination: dissemination has to do with the flow of scientific information, essentially between experts (scientists), through a specialized language. This is the case when scientists publish the results of their research in scientific journals, or make them known in meetings or specialized conventions. It is the process of communication of scientific knowledge between peers.

Broadcast: broadcast refers to the transmission of scientific information by experts to generally educated or cultured audiences, not necessarily experts in the subject, using less specialized language and is therefore more accessible to this audience.

Outreach: scientific outreach consists in the communication of scientific information by different actors (scientists, philosophers, communicators, journalists) to society, to the general public, through simple language understood by the majority of citizens.