The Colombian Amazon. Urban Profiles 2015


Carlos Ariel Salazar Cardona
Elizabeth Riaño Umbarila

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The Colombian Amazon. Urban Profiles 2015

Urban Profiles was a pioneer in establishing such conceptual approaches. The analysis, interpretation, and comprehension of the world’s largest tropical rainforest, from a bio-geographic point of view, and it has been of major interest for the countries, not only from this region, of the whole world. Due to the importance and complexity about the extent of the South American Amazon Region, subsequent works were carried out. Among the most notable there is a paper from 2005 entitled “A proposal for a definition of the Amazon geographic boundaries”, elaborated by a group of researchers from Italy’s Institute of Environment and Sustainability2 . Between 2005 and 2006, the UNEP and the ACTO developed the study “Perspectives on environment in the Amazon GeoAmazonia) (2009)3 . In 2012, several countries of the region had an answer about their own definition of the Amazon, and in a work published by the Network of Georeferenced Socio-Environmental Information (RAISG in Spanish), “Amazon Under Pressure”, new information on the topic was collected. The need for a common point of view, built by all the countries, is a duty that has to be continued, which requires a huge political will, taking advantage of the technical capacity of the professionals and the technological resources, more and more disseminated. The new questions don’t have en unique answer, since a research at continental scale and permanently updated, and in harmony with the requirements of each one of the countries is required. This huge challenge is also an opportunity to create common agreements about management and sustainability of the Amazon forest that allow the development of a good quality life for the inhabitants and for the benefit of all living beings on this planet.