The Socio-environmental Dynamics Research Program makes a database of social aspects in the Colombian Amazon region, called Inirida, available for the service of its users.

Inirida is the best name for the purposes pursued by the program: to determine the multiple relationships that exist between the natural and social environment that is taking shape in the Colombian Amazon. Inirida is the name of a princess, a flower, a river and a city.

The Inirida Database, is designed so that the user can select and process the inquiries for the municipalities or a set of them according to department or for all the municipalities of the regional. Once the inquiry has been organized, it exports the results through the Excel program.

Inírida is an instrument that, for the first time in the region, has information available for its entire jurisdiction, which will allow the comparability of data between municipalities, departments, sub-regions, or the region against the country. It counts with, for most variables, a series of data acquired since 2005.

Technical relevance and institutional interest prioritized central issues in population, environment and territorial planning policies. Likewise, the topics qualified as determinants of sustainable human development have been taken into account.

The source of the data is varied and most of it corresponds to national entities that generate official information. The Base also has data available produced by entities that, although unofficial, have recognized experience and trust in the respective field.

Here you will find information organized by four dimensions: demographic, social, economic and functional space, corresponding to the territorial entities that make up the region, (10 departments with their 58 municipalities and 20 non-municipalized areas). The departments of Amazonas, Caqueta, Guainia, Guaviare, Putumayo and Vaupes in all their extension and the territorial fractions of the departments of Cauca, Meta, Nariño and Vichada.