To make use of the general collection of Colombian Amazonian herbarium COAH, a formal written request must be made addressed to the Curator - Director of the herbarium, which indicates the name of the project, type of service requested, institution that requests it and person who will advance the job.

The COAH herbarium´s hours of consultation are 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. Additional hours must be authorized by the curator - Director of the herbarium.

All plant material must be frozen for at least 48 hours before entering the herbarium, to avoid biological contamination of the collection.

The general collection is organized in phylogenetic order according to the Cronquist system (1981); there are family listings in alphabetical order and shelf numbers for its use. Each family is organized in alphabetical order of genera and species, the indeterminate material is at the end of each taxa in alphabetical order of collector. Please keep the established order.

The botanical specimens to be observed must be placed horizontally on the work tables, to avoid the deterioration of the collection.

Dissection or detachment of any part of the material should be consulted with the Curator - Director or curator of the herbarium.

There is a stereoscope in the herbarium, which can be used with the prior authorization of the curator - director of the herbarium.

Use labels for changes in the taxonomic determinations of the general collection, including the new name, determiner and date. This material must be delivered to the Curator - director of the herbarium once the work is finalized for its update in the Herbarium database. If the change is based on a monograph, the bibliography should be cited.

All material consulted or used for scientific articles or thesis, must be cited using the acronym COAH. At the end of the study, a copy of the article, document, text or thesis must be donated to the herbarium and/or documentation center of the SINCHI institute.

All documents generated by consulting the herbarium´s general collection should give the institutional credits to the "Amazonic Insitute of Scientific Research SINCHI and the Colombian Amazonian Herbarium.

The lending of plant material is made only to herbariums legally constituted and recognized (Never to people), by means of a request addressed to the curator-director of the herbarium. Any return of borrowed material must be made effective a maximum of 12 months after receiving said loan.

All material that enters the herbarium for taxonomic determination will become property of the Colombian Amazonian Herbarium as a contribution for the use of the collection and therefore the Institution reserves the right to use it or not. In case of not being able to fulfill this requirement, it will be submitted to the decision of the General Direction of the SINCHI Institute.

Plant material that remains in the herbarium without data of the responsible person or a data sheet will be discarded after a month. If the collector or person in charge of the project does not deposit the technical data sheet of the specimens within six months after the material has been admitted, the Herbarium will not be responsible for any botanical specimen.

Any particular project, completed and in which personnel of the herbarium participates in the identification of botanical specimens, must submit a request to the SINCHI Institute´s General Management, who will determine the value of the service.

Smoking, eating and drinking in the Herbarium is prohibitted.