Type specimens are those on which the description of a species is based; their presence and number in biological collections are a measure of the contribution to scientific knowledge of the biodiversity of a region, since they represent new species whose first report refers to the studied area. The Herbarium has 39 type specimens, obtained as a product of the different collections carried out by the researchers of the Institute's Flora Group and also of the contributions of specimens in exchange for consulting the collection and as a result of exchanges with other herbariums (Figure 1) .

Furthermore, through the development of an effort to repatriate botanical information dispersed in other herbariums of the world, it has been possible to acquire and make available in digital format and printed on high quality paper images of about 1500 type specimens from the Colombian Amazon originating from the Colombian National Herbarium and other herbariums from different parts of the world, consolidating the COAH Herbarium as the most complete reference collection on Colombian Amazon flora.